My Measuring Tape is Off…

This morning has been nonstop and I feel like I’ve been walking in circles. And its only 12:30pm.Let’s see if I can do a run down of the day so far (don’t worry, I’m going somewhere with this):

I woke up at 6:15 because little Miss Jovie thinks that is when the day should start. I played with her in bed for about 15 minutes and then got up to get my coffee going, and maybe have some quiet time. Jovie wants food so I feed her some banana. Start my coffee. 6:45, Ethan walks out all sleepy eyed and parks on the couch while Dad is about to leave for work. 3 minutes later Caleb walks out. Pour 2 bowls of Cheerios and get water for the boys and then try to finish getting my cup of coffee ready. Sit down with my coffee and crack my Bible open while the kids are at the table. Read some, and write a few verses down. Remind kids to do their BB’s (brush teeth, make bed). Get Jovie down from the table, and hear the boys playing. Tell them again to do their morning chores.

After they finish the boys play or watch Wild Kratts  and I put Jovie in the exersaucer so I can get a shower. (I really needed it folks.) Get out, get dressed, and try to start the computer but the Internet is not working. I need to check emails and do some work on eBay so I need it to run. I do the usual Restart, take the battery out, try and repair the network connection, etc. No go.

Start to put Jovie down for her nap but decided to call Verizon  as well. (Not a smart decision. Reminder for next time: get the baby asleep first and THEN call.) Nice man tries to help me on the phone while the boys get too loud and Caleb starts whining for more food. Finally figure out that the problem was the little switch on the side of the laptop that had accidentally been switched so that the Internet couldn’t connect. (Insert joke here about how the lady called to see why her computer wouldn’t start and it was because she had it unplugged from the wall. Yep, that’s how I felt.) Finally get on for a few minutes to do emails and check eBay status for shipping a product while making sure Jovie goes to sleep.

Ethan comes to me and asks to clean the back doors to earn some extra money. I get him set up. Knowing that Caleb doesn’t have any money in his jar I ask him if he wants to sweep the floor under the kitchen table. I get him set up and help him as its not an easy task for a 4 year old. Divvy out the money and then Ethan wants to know if he can spend it….(I’ve been telling him no for a week now, so I decide to try and kill 2 birds with one stone.) I want to check out a garage sale to look for ebay items to sell (gotta shop sometime if I wanna make extra cash) and tell them they can look for something at the garage sale.

Jovie wakes up, we get loaded and stop at the garage sale. On the way I almost hit a car. The boys buy some little jets from the garage sale but Jovie is trying to run away so I can’t focus enough to shop for anything worthwhile. We head home and Ethan whines for food.

At home I make fruit kabobs as promised to the boys and also pass out some salami and cheese sticks while looking for something to feed Jovie. Get her going with some tuna and strawberries (not together, yuck). The boys go play while I make me a salad and put on some music to jam to while I try to pick up the kitchen. Eat my salad while sharing with Jovie who is asking for ‘mo’. Have the boys come out to help with kitchen chores as Jovie climbs in and out and around the dishwasher. Caleb’s job is putting the silverware away but today he doesn’t wanna do it. So he whines. Jovie gets stuck under a chair. (I’m sure there’s been a couple diaper changes in here, too.) Finish unloading but still have pots and pans to hand wash in the sink. They’re still there…

Jovie is fussy so we head outside for a bit. Ethan gives me a creature power badge to wear so we can all pretend we have creature powers. I’m a giraffe. Then he wants me to wear a crocodile mouth he made, too. So I’m a giraffe with a big paper crocodile mouth taped to my face. I explain to the boys that their inventions cannot stay outside and that I want my big decorative rocks to be put back where they were found. ( They look for bugs and forget to put them back often.) Caleb loses his jet that he just bought and needs help finding it. Can’t find it so I play catch with him outside for a few minutes. Come inside to read a story and put the boys down for quiet time…which is what we’re in right now. Jovie is asleep in the crib next to me and I’m typing this out not to complain (ok, maybe I’m venting a little) but to see if I’m measuring my day the right way.

Right now I feel like I did stuff ALL morning but have nothing to show for it. My house is still messy and my kids still needed to be disciplined a time or two, and we haven’t done art or music yet today for school. If I measure by that, then not much was accomplished.

BUT, if I think about my morning over again, there are some things to be thankful for and things that were worthwhile:

Caleb had a couple of temper tantrums and I was able to talk with him one on one about behavior and pray with him about how those times show us that we need more of Jesus.

Even if it wasn’t for long, I played creature power suits with Ethan, and catch with Caleb. They grow too fast…

My boys did their chores for the most part without a fight, and I know they are becoming more hard working which will be essential to them as leaders of their home one day.

I had coffee. (That stands alone.)

I have made some good food choices today for me and my kids.

I am not struggling today with anxiety and fear as I have been the past 2 weeks! (Thank you to those that have prayed for me ❤ )

I danced around the kitchen with my daughter while listening to Toby Mac.

I still have the afternoon ahead of me to catch up on unfinished chores….or maybe take my kids to the playground. 🙂

Its very easy to measure my day by what I think it is supposed to look like. But let’s face it, life, and especially having kids, requires us to be flexible. Flexibility is a nonnegotiable. But changing my perspective allowed me to look at my morning again and FIND the good. Its a practice, just like Ann Voskamp talks about in her book, 1000 Gifts. I have to LOOK for the good and be thankful for it. And you know what, because I made that choice today, I can move forward with my afternoon, keeping my plans flexible, loving my God and my children at the foremost, having a joyful heart, rejoicing that His mercy is there if I screw up, and being thankful for whatever may come even if it wasn’t on my list.


One response to “My Measuring Tape is Off…

  1. You have accomplished A LOT my friend! Keep loving your family and teaching them to love Jesus. You’re doing a FANTASTIC job! Continuing to pray for you and happy to hear it is better this week.

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