Organization after the Christmas chaos!

Well, the grandparents love their grandkids. And they expressed it with gifts for Christmas. The boys are thrilled, but what it means to me is time to organize and toss or store toys that are older! So, while the boys opened all of the boxes of stuff (wreaking havoc in our living room), I grabbed a garbage bag and headed to their bedroom. I dumped one bin of toys from their toy shelf into it and grabbed some larger items out of their toy bucket that I don’t think they’ll miss, and I put it in the garage. I haven’t decided if I’ll rotate them back in or donate them to one of the grandparents’ houses. And because they each have toys that are their own, I made one bin specific to Caleb’s toys, and one bin for Ethan’s. It looks like this….

Caleb’s is top left, Ethan’s is top right, then we’ve got blocks, cars and trucks, animals and people, and some random ‘invention’ items that Ethan has procured.

And what you can’t see is a toy bucket to the left for bigger items, and a 3 drawer container on the right that has K’Nex, dominoes, and train pieces in it. It’s a start. I still need to find better places for things but it was good to move some things out. Honestly, kids don’t need that much stuff. My boys definitely don’t even need all that they have. I am constantly scaling back to try and keep them using their imagination and to keep them from being overwhelmed with so much that they don’t even know what to do with it all!

The living room is also under reno-organization. We moved out our old bookcases and are putting a new white combo storage bookcase system from IKEA against the wall for all of our books and things! Until its all put together, though, we’ve got stacks of books and trinkets all over the room. But when its done we will have this system…

with this bookcase right in the middle of the smaller ones…

I can’t wait until its finished! If you’re looking for something affordable, this definitely was! Its from their Billy collection.

And here are some other pics of the boys enjoying their Christmas gifts!

Ethan checking out his color changing Spiderman shirt from Mam’ma and Pap’pa!

A rousing game of air hockey.

And both boys using their Computer Cool Schools from Mima and Grandpa. Its such a neat system. Its got science facts, math and reading games, and art and music fun. Ethan’s a pro already since he got his a couple years ago, but this was Caleb’s first time to play his!

I was also given a canning water bath with canning tools and cookbooks, and a care package from my mom full of things that we never enjoy buying, like paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

We were truly blessed this Christmas and I loved watching Ethan express that he knew it wasn’t about the gifts but about celebrating God’s gift to us. May we never take lightly what we have, the people around us, and what God has done for us! For He truly is the reason for our being.


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