Kitchen Tuesday!

We almost didn’t have a Kitchen Tuesday here, folks. Caleb dropped a hammer on his toe this morning while the 2 month old was holding a huge cryfest. And both thought the end of the world had come…..and I’m pretty sure I did, too.

But, thankfully, things simmered down some so I was able to get a few things done in the kitchen.

First up, I made pizza dough! I found a recipe for it over at and hubby really likes it! Yes, it is white flour. The man still likes his white flour sometimes and who am I to refuse him? 🙂

I froze the dough so that when we are ready for pizza night, its already there! It freezes well.

Next, I grated some cheese…

Sounds exciting, right?! But, I bought some in bulk at Costco and instead of buying the shredded kind which is usually coated in cellulose or potato starch, I figured I’d shred it myself and keep it in a baggie. It took me only a few minutes to do this.

Note to self:   Buy a new grater. Soon.

I’ve heard good things about this one from IKEA…and its only $5.

While I made the boys lunch, I took a few minutes to tidy up the pantry and throw out some old items that I wasn’t using. We are not totally crunchy here yet (baby steps folks) hence the chips and Nutella and such…..Mmmmmm…Nutella. I’v recently discovered (thanks to Pinterest) that it makes THE BEST hot chocolate and you can also mix a cup of plain yogurt with about 1/2 cup of Nutella for some yummy fruit dip!

I was suckered into that red bag of caramel popcorn by the Boy Scout that came to the door.

And looking at this now, I need to throw out that microwave popcorn since I put our microwave in the garage about 2 weeks ago! We’ve been living fine without it, and I now have more counter space!

Next shelves…That last one is mainly pitchers, utensils and such.

The last thing I did was to make some bread crumbs. I made 2 loaves of homemade bread a few days ago and it tasted awful! Waaaaay too yeasty tasting. It was like eating solid beer. Blech! I have no idea what happened to it, so if you do, please fill me in.

I didn’t want to waste the bread so into the food processor it went! I made one bag of regular crumbs and threw some Italian seasoning in another bag for some seasoned crumbs.

I put both bags in the freezer. And that was that!

Now just be glad I didn’t show you the sinks full of dishes I was trying to avoid while getting something done for my Kitchen Tuesday. It wasn’t pretty.

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