Building the Coop, Day One!

Today is the day! We actually started building the coop and I’m really excited folks! Chickens are coming SOOOOOOON!

I am taking pics as we go along in case others are looking for some help with chicken coops, and so we can go back later and see how we built it. I know I personally spent days looking at others’ coops online so one more can only help, right? This was our very first one and hubby said to mention that he is not an experienced carpenter (but I LOVE what he’s done and don’t really think it needs mentioning, lol).

We can only have 2 hens here in Garland so we are building the coop to be about 48″ x 36″ and fencing off a large run area since we probably won’t let them roam around the whole backyard too much. (I thought about it but the poop factor all over our patio and such scares me.) We plan to put the 2 nesting areas in the back with a divider in between since I read that they like to lay their eggs in privacy, and then have some space in front of the boxes with a roosting perch above. You don’t want the perch above the nesting boxes or you’ll be cleaning a whole lotta poop of of your eggs. Then we’ll attach a door of sorts to the backside so that I can reach in and get the eggs. The flooring is mesh wire and we’ll pile some pine shavings on top of it. This will let the air circulate through, but also keep them warm.

Without further ado, here are the progress pics!

First off, you don’t need a big yard to accommodate chickens. Here is a view of our yard from the back door. (Don’t mind the toys, we live here.)

And here is the other side where the chicken coop and run will be!

Side note: We acquired some pallets to help supply some wood, and while that is the case and its working, pallets can be extremely hard to take apart and the wood splits really easily.

The fencing is 48″ x 50′. I’m hoping its tall enough but I’m considering having the hens’ wings trimmed just in case they try flying over.

Cutest little ‘helpers’ ever.

This is about as far as my hard working hubby got today but stay tuned! I’ll keep posting the progress. 🙂


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