Not-So Kitchen Tuesday

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m trying to designate some time on Tuesdays to cooking and stocking up on items that I plan to make from scratch often – things like bread, yogurt, granola, etc.

Today was not like that.

After school time and picking up, I really wanted to do some research and pricing things for bulk ordering. I am going through flour, honey, oats and other things like crazy and I know there’s a better way to buy it, but I haven’t figured out what will work best for me yet. So this is what I did instead of cooking…

I spent some time looking through Azure Standard’s catalog and scrolling through Vitacost online.

I’ve heard good things about Azure Standard

and they seem to have good pricing for organic produce, but I’m still a newbie and not sure what I would do with 20lbs of organic apples and other produce items! We do eat a lot of apples but man, I’d be making lots of applesauce I think with 20lbs worth. And you need a $50 minimum order unless you want some added handling fees. So, how do you handle so much produce? Any tips? Would dividing with someone else be the best way? And would my portion last a whole month?

I did a little looking at Vitacost

but other than spices and vitamins, I haven’t found many deals yet. But, I didn’t get to look very long so I plan to do more searching. Their prices on flour and apple cider vinegar seem to be comparable to Sprouts.

The next step is to do some online searching for some local food coops that I might not know about. I know of one lady who buys from the downtown Farmer’s Market and then sells bags of produce for $6 I think, from her home on Wednesdays, but I’ve yet to call her and I don’t know if its organic produce.

So today was a sorta not really maybe a little Kitchen Tuesday. Anyone wanna come make bread for me?  :o)


4 responses to “Not-So Kitchen Tuesday

  1. I have friends who buy meat, eggs and raw milk from a near buy farmer. its all organic and free range. Not sure about produce. If I was staying I’d go in on flour with you. We go through a lot too with all of Nicks stuff. LOL I’d keep asking around for someone to go in on it with you!

  2. Ok the above comment is from me. Nicks friend was signed in I guess with our computer. I don’t know how to delete that post. So weird sorry!!

  3. Ok never mind lol. I know of friends who buy meat, eggs and raw milk from a nearby organic farmer. They get bulk and then just go back when they run out. They said it lasts like 3-5 months. I would love to go in on the flour with you, but seeing how we are moving that might not work out. 😦

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