Updated, and its Kitchen Tuesday!

Thanks for the comments ladies (and hubby ;o) )! I decided to go ahead and tackle some of the immediate homeschool organization issues. We moved one bookcase into the dining room and I can keep all of our current stuff and my books there! It was the cheapest and quickest way to fix it, and I really like how it separates the dining room off from the kitchen a little bit.Β  For those that don’t know, our house is small. No more than 1090 sq.ft. so every space counts, lol!

This led to also changing the living room set up and restructuring, but thankfully my boys still have their bookshelf in the living room and a nice little reading space behind the couch.

I suppose I’ll get to the boys closet someday…but not today, because today is KITCHEN DAY!! I’m so excited to have a day set aside for cooking and preparing food! I know, I know, check back with me in about a month or two and it might be different. But TODAY I’m giddy! Here are the projects that have been going on…

Homemade Dinner Rolls! This will make a nice addition to tonight’s roast and they tasted wonderful when they came out! Forgive the awful photo folks, I’m not a photographer. That would be my husband.

The recipe I used was this one, http://simpledailyrecipes.com/244/homemade-dinner-rolls/ except I used half white and half wheat bread.

And currently sitting on my stove rising are 2 honey wheat loaves of bread….

The recipe for these was from here, http://allrecipes.com/recipe/simple-whole-wheat-bread/detail.aspx

And in my crock pot, homemade cinnamon applesauce!…

Do you know what my house smells like right now? Like heaven…wrapped in bread and apples and cinnamon. Feel free to come by and take a whiff, but I’m not sharing the food.

Other things that got accomplished…lots of dishes, and I separated my roast into 2 containers so I can use it for 2 different meals.

Some things I’ve learned today:

1. I need to start buying bulk flour. I know there are some different sites out there, so where do you get yours?

2. I need a bread maker. I’m not sure I could be Ma Ingalls every week making it by hand. I’ve done it once before and remember thinking the same thing.

3. I make a mess when I bake.

4. I desperately need to clear out my fridge and freezer to make room for my homemade stuff. I might (read if the children let me) tackle that this afternoon…

All in all, its been a great day, plus the temp dropped and it actually feels like fall! And I still was able to get in some school time this morning, play obstacle course outside for a few minutes with the boys, and rock my baby to sleep on the back patio ❀  *sigh*


5 responses to “Updated, and its Kitchen Tuesday!

  1. I get my grains from Breadbeckers.com πŸ™‚
    And I would highly recommend a kitchen aid stand mixer over a bread machine, especially since you have boys. πŸ™‚ you can mix more than one loaf up at a time, in less time, and you don’t have a hole in the bottom of each loaf like bread machines cause. The kitchen aid does the mixing and kneading for you in less time and greater quantity than a bread machine. Just my .02 I wish I was at YOUR house today!!!

  2. I have to second the recommendation of a KitchenAid mixer over a bread machine. I have a 6 qt. (my parents splurged for Christmas last year) and I don’t know how I survived without it. It does bread beautifully, and is much easier to clean than a bread machine. My mother uses her bread machine, and although it does all the work for you, the loaves are never as naturally beautiful and hand-molded, which does make it taste a bit different, as the textures are not the same as if you hand made it, or used the mixer to knead it.

    The mixer also helps keep the mess of bread-making at a minimum. Side-note: I couldn’t afford a KitchenAid for the first few years I was married, and used a cheaper version mixer for baking. I do NOT recommend using anything less than a KitchenAid for kneading bread. The motors aren’t built that powerfully, and I ruined at least 2 mixers in the past two years simply because the poor things couldn’t do the work. And of course, the big rule of thumb about mixing bread in a KitchenAid is that you NEVER go over setting 2, (I won’t even go over setting 1) for fear of pushing the motor too far and ruining yet another mixer. But I have a friend in Boston who is a pastry chef, and she uses her KitchenAid on setting 2 on a daily basis and tells me I’m just being over-paranoid and need to relax. LOL.

    We buy flour at Sams, but they do lack in the different varieties of flour. So if you are wanting something specific (I’m a huge fan of King Arthur’s Wheat Flour, especially after visiting them during a recent trip to Vermont), but their website does offer some bulk buys, but the more specific and organic you get, of course, the pricier the product becomes.

    Your dinner rolls look amazing. I’ve been wanting to make pumpkin knot rolls for a month, and haven’t managed to get to it, but I think I just might now that your post has inspired me bake some bread this afternoon.

    I’m loving the blog and can’t wait for more!

  3. Well that was a super productive day!! You inspire me!!! I have a huge pan of fresh pumpkin if you want to make something pumpkiny lol. We bought a huge pumpkin and Nick baked it and pureed it. I made bread and muffins, and there is so much left. πŸ™‚ I also love the blog, and hope it inspires me to write more often also.

  4. Check out Bosch grinder and dough mixer. That is what my mom uses to mix bread and grind her own wheat. She could make 5 loaves at a time.

  5. You guys rock! Thanks for all the wonderful comments and help!

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